Celebration of Lives

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The Celebration of Marty and Terry's lives was held at the Breeding Barn at Shelburne Farms on Saturday August 14, 2021 at 10:00 AM 

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Visiting Hours and Music at Terry and Marty's Home

On Sunday August 15, Marty and Terry's family gathered at their house in Charlotte, for visiting hours. Visitors talked with family, walked through the yard and gardens, enjoyed ongoing music on the lawn by the river, viewed a selection of Terry's art, learned about the breadth of Marty's conservation legacy, and spent time in Marty and Terry's special place. 

Visiting the Quarry

Terry's limestone quarry in Essex, NY is now a public park.  You are welcome to visit!  The quarry parking lot is on the right side of the road 1/2 mile south of the blinking light (intersection of Rt. 22 and Lakeshore Rd.).  If you're able, please park at the ferry parking lot and take the sidewalk 1/2 mile south to the quarry. Learn more.


About the Speakers, Musicians & Coordinator for the Aug. 14th Celebration of Lives 

Rev. Don Chatfield is an interfaith minister, serving as Lead Pastor at All Souls Interfaith Gathering.  He is deeply interested in contemplative practices and care of the environment.  Don’s approach to spirituality draws from the perennial wisdom of the world’s traditions, weaving together practical approaches to deeper meaning.  Last year Marty collaborated with Don to develop a grant proposal for water quality protection.

Chris Dinnan is one of Terry’s five siblings. Jim, the eldest, died several years ago due to complications from a stroke. Mary, Debbie and Jed round out the other three siblings. Chris lived in Alaska for almost 10 years and Vermont for almost 30 years. He retired six years ago from the Vermont Department of Corrections, where he worked for over 26 years. He and his wife Carie, son MJ, daughter Bethie, son-in-law Andrew  and granddaughters Addie and Josie  are now living in Colorado.


Tai Illick Dinnan is Marty and Terry's daughter.  She grew up on the banks of Lewis Creek, in the backyard garden, exploring the forest out back, and many many hours spent with her head stuck in a book.  Much of her work as an adult has focused on garden and outdoor education with children.  She lives with Evan and Lior on the sunny southern slope of Mt. Philo.  

Aaron Flinn grew up on the dirt roads of Charlotte Vermont and has lived a stones throw from Marty and Terry’s home as far back as his memory goes. Aaron has a band called Salad Days, plays any instrument he can get his hands on, and has released eight albums of original music (with #9 on the way). Aaron breathes oxygen and makes music, and needs both equally.

Rev. Kim Marie Glynn is an interfaith minister, serving as the Minister of Service Coordination at All Souls Interfaith Gathering.  She is also an artist and poet, devoted to the earth, love and learning. Kim Marie is interspiritual, dedicated to peace and building bridges to re-connect to the web of life and death.  She draws inspiration from nature, her years in hospice care and more recently eco-ministry with Seminary of the WILD​


Ginny Jaskot is Marty’s oldest sister by three years, joining siblings Scilla Siano and John Illick.  All were born and raised in Middlebury, with a two year stint in Beirut, Lebanon in the late 1950’s.  After college, two years were served in Togo, West Africa in the Peace Corps. Ginny has lived in many locales, currently in West Virginia. She is a retired librarian and active in her community.

Bridget McGinniss Kerr: When she was a kid, Bridget McGinniss Kerr danced and jumped on her bed to the rhythms of Pine Island String Band practicing and sang with her big sister on the back porch. She remembers Marty standing near the mouth of the Winooski River, strong and beautiful, and thinking, "I want to be like her!" Decades later, Bridget stumbled into being the lone resident environmental activist working to protect a river in a company town.

Mary McGinniss is a Vermont songwriter inspired by rock n' rock, folktales, jazz and poetry. She met Marty in the mid 1970’s on her parent’s front porch. Marty and Mary would continue to meet and laugh and cajole each other over the decades at VT water places & mythic watering holes. Mary aspires to Marty & Terry’s luminous generosity. 

Meara McGinniss is an artist and arts administrator interested in labor, history, feminism and the Vermont landscape. She met Marty and Terry as a baby and into adulthood has been inspired by glimpses of the thoughtful and intentional way they made a beautiful life.

Joe Moore hails from Winter Park, Florida, where he started playing saxophone with many blues masters. In the deep South, Joe played with Slim Harpo, Lee Moses as well as with Soul bands, The Staples Singers, Wilson Pickett and more.  On his way to Canada,  to tour with Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush and due to red tape, Joe wasn’t allowed to enter Canada. The US/Canada border patrol  gave Joe a choice - go back to Albany , NY.  or St Albans, VT.  Fortunately for Vermont,  Joe Moore chose St Albans where he befriended a community and stayed.  Joe played in several bands such as Nobby Reed, The John Castle band, The N-Zones, The X-Rays and Jon Fishman’s Pork Tornado.   For three years Joe lived in Charlotte with artist Wes Disney where together they would visit Marty, Terry and Tai. Joe teaches music in the Burlington School District and plays in several bands, including the Joe Moore Band. Joe feels he is representing Wes Disney since it was Wes who connected him with Marty, Terry & Tai. 


Andrea Morgante co-founded Lewis Creek Association with Marty Illick in the late 1980’s. She has been exploring and learning about the natural and built landscapes of Vermont and finding ways to connect people with the beauty of plants, soil, stones, water, animals and each other through design, construction and community service.

Mary Provencher, leader of the Mystic Party band grew up in Burlington, Vermont.  She has been painting and playing music since she was a habitual groupie of the Pine Island String Band when she first met Marty.  In 1994, she moved to Charlotte where she plays community events,  parties, and home concerts.  Mary fondly recalls playing for Marty and Terry at their home and other places on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Abby Sheldon-Dean: Marty and Terry’s longtime neighbor across the creek, Abby Sheldon-Dean is a vocalist with a fondness for the forgotten tunes of the 30s and 40s.


Jimmy Swift grew up with Terry Dinnan and his brother Chris in the 1950s and 1960s, and spent the 70s and 80s living with Terry in Vermont.  For most of his adult life, Jimmy immersed himself in art, music and community festival production. Currently, he leads human resource initiatives for a software company.

Mike Walker and Terry shared cheesemaking cultures and recipes, compared notes on how the trout were biting and commiserated on the availability of parts for antique trucks. Mike & Suzy have a row of raspberry canes originally nurtured by Marty and Terry that will produce a bumper and reliable crop for years to come.

Steve Wienert, drummer and percussionist, by his good fortune landed in Vermont in the mid 1980’s into a beautiful community of people, artists, and musicians who he has loved working with ever since. 

Share Your Photos: Recent and Old!

We would love for friends and family to continue to share photos, videos and memories of Marty and Terry with us. Please use this link to upload any oldies that you might have.  Additionally, if you take photos or videos of this weekend's events we would love to have you share those too!